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Sound Expansions for your

Synths and Samplers

Dive into a vast array of meticulously sampled instruments, ethereal pads, driving basslines, mesmerizing arpeggios, evolving atmospheres, and precision-engineered drum sounds.


KORG Modwave 

Dimensions contains 77 sounds / synth patches for your Korg Modwave and is made for Electronic Dance Music EDM genres like Melodic Techno, Trance, House and Ambient.

Prophet REV2 

128 sounds for your Sequential Prophet Rev2. Ranging from Lush pads to soaring leads. Every sound in the expansion is featured in the video. Have a listen and add this pack to your Rev2!

AKAI Force / MPC

Powerful sounds and drumkits for your Melodic Techno and Trance productions. Supercharge your Akai Force and MPC with this Expansion. All sounds have previews when browsing.

The Studio

Have a look into the creative workspace based in the south of the netherlands where all the sounds and music are beeing created. This is a performance made for a stream by Dean from Electronisounds Audio. 


If you want to hear it first when I release new sounds and samples then leave your email address here! Don’t worry, I don’t like to receive spam, so I won’t send emails too often.

Amazing work, and great to see you’re back! I bet you invested a hell lot of time into this

Youtube User

Wow that is what I want my keyboards to sound like. I also can’t help but notice that the arps are so smooth and just endless variations.

Youtube User

You’ve got mad programming skills. The perc sequences are really good.

Youtube User